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Scrap Metal Recycling in Tampa, FL

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Listed below are common items that we receive on a daily basis. Please contact us for pricing.


  • #1 Copper
    Clean, unburned copper free of paint, excess corrosion, and other attachments.
  • #2 Copper
    Copper that has corrosion, been burned, contains leaded joints, or has some attachments. Also any tin or lacquer coated copper will be considered #2.
  • #1 Insulated Copper Wire
    Needs to be 12 AWG (pencil lead thickness) or thicker and free of attachments.
  • #2 Insulated Copper Wire
    Wire that is thinner than 12 AWG, communications wire and wire with some attachments like auto wiring harnesses.


  • Aluminum Extrusion
    Clean extruded aluminum free of plastic, rubber, glass, or steel. Generally come from screen porches, windows, decorative fences, screen doors.
  • 6061 Aluminum
    Clean and free of steel, rubber, plastic and other attachments. Usually round or square tubing and can also be in plate form. Used for truck bodies and structural uses.
  • Cast Aluminum
    Clean and free of steel, copper, rubber, plastic and other attachments. Items like gas grills, engine parts and chrome aluminum wheels.
  • Aluminum Cans
    Free of liquids and dirt.
  • Aluminum Radiators
    Solid aluminum and free of steel, rubber or plastic. Comes from autos or air conditioning units.
  • Copper Aluminum Radiators
    Can be bought clean or dirty. Comes from cars and air conditioners.


  • Brass Radiators
    Can be bought clean or dirty. Solid brass tanks with brass fins.
  • Heater Cores
    Brass tubes with copper fins and lead solder. Generally comes from cars.
  • Yellow Brass
    Comes from plumbing items, valves, rod brass, tubing and decorative items. Must be free of steel, clean and free of excessive corrosion.

Iron, Steel & Tin

  • Cast Iron
    Car engines, brake drums and rotors, ductile pipe.
  • #1 Heavy Melt Steel
    Must be 1/4 inch or thicker. Can consist of pipe, plate, beam, or heavy machinery. To be considered prepared the material can be no longer than 4′x2′and free of rubber, plastic and other attachments.
  • #2 Heavy Melt Steel
    Less than 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch thick. Consists of pipes, galvanized material, auto rims, auto frames and sheet metal. Must be no larger than 4′x2′ and free of rubber, plastic and other attachments to be considered prepared.
  • Tin
    Appliances, light sheet steel, steel less than 1/8 inch thick. Maybe have some rubber, plastic and insulation attached and free of rubber, plastic and other attachments.

What We Do Not Buy

  • Compressed gas cylinders with valve or closed containers of any kind
  • Asbestos-containing material
  • Acetylene or commercial gas cylinders
  • Ballast, capacitor or transformers
  • Cathode ray tubes
  • Containers with free-flow liquids (paint, oil, gasoline, etc)
  • Mercury switches or devices
  • Electronic scrap
  • Flammable or combustible material
  • Fluorescent light bulbs or ballast
  • CFCs or refrigerants
  • Munitions, bullets or explosives
  • Radioactive material

NOTE: This is not an offer to purchase. CMC Recycling reserves the right to refuse to purchase any material that poses a safety or environmental hazard. CMC Recycling WILL NOT buy stolen material under any circumstances. Please also read about the new Florida scrap metal law that requires proof of ownership to be shown for certain types of metal before we will purchase them.

Commercial Scrap Metal in Tampa, FL

CMC Tampa works closely with each of our customers to precisely determine your scrap management requirements and how best to serve you. We develop creative, tailor-made solutions to streamline your day-to-day commercial/industrial scrap metal management, and optimize the value of your scrap metal. As a publicly traded company we are held to a standard of business practice significantly higher than others in our industry. As a company that prides itself on its integrity, we expect our customers to hold us to an even higher standard and we strive to live up to our customers’ expectations. At no cost to you we will perform an analysis of your current commercial/industrial scrap recycling process and let you know how it can be improved. For a full list of materials we accept, check out our list here

Industrial Scrap Metal Prices in Tampa, FL

We offer customized scrap metal prices to our regular commercial and industrial clients. Contact us for more information. Here are a few examples of our commercial clients and what scrap metals we’re looking for:


#1 & #2 copper, yellow brass, and semi-red brass.


Insulated copper wire and bare bright copper (stripped wire).

Air Conditioning Professionals

Aluminum/copper coils and aluminum coolers.

Machine Shops

Aluminum, brass, and stainless steel turnings.

Body Shops

Light-gauge steel, #2 HMS (heavy melting scrap).

Demolition Companies and Construction Sites

We’re interested in all of your scrap metals!